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Let's Give Your Brand Some Personality!

Elizabeth Fanslow

Over the past 12-months I have a lot of clients visiting my office to talk about branding. Not the physical act of creating a brand, but how to use and build their brand.

Many people pay a great deal of money to brand their businesses. They go through all the trouble of having the perfect logo designed, colors selected and a kick-ass mission or value statement.

That information is then used to build their website, business cards, and or marketing brochures, etc. But for many it stops there.

They create content and give it away on their website. Post pictures and graphics on Facebook and Instagram and never think about incorporating their brand into any of these things. Yes you might throw a logo on there and call that branding.

But not so fast…whether you’ve noticed it or not the market has become a very visual place. With social platforms like Facebook and Instagram…pictures tell a story about you, your brand…and your brand personality.

We are mesmerized by pictures and graphics…they capture our attention and when they are really good? We share them! So who wouldn’t want their amazing work to go viral?

One thing that we have done for all of our clients this year is to work on making their brands more visually appealing. That doesn’t mean re-branding. It means taking your existing brand and creating a personality that shows in everything you create.

When people see your colors and your logo, we want them to know you.  Brand recognition is an amazing thing! Let me show you what I mean. Recently we created a Webinar invite for one of our COO on Demand clients. Carol is the Founder and President of The Westberry Group & recently went through a re-brand and The COO Experience was instrumental in that process. I teamed up with Sara Blette from Denver, CO to build Carol’s new brand. Sara broke us out of the box with some fun, new fresh colors and an amazing set of cool logos that we could use and interchange as needed. Once we had the foundation The COO Experience took over and created her website and started re-branding all her products and documents to reflect her new brand.

Now when we create anything for we are very aware about making our brand apparent. A simple invite to a free Webinar now seems more appealing because of the images and colors. And sharing this document online will appeal to more people than just a plain old word doc.

All of Carol’s toolkits offer a free bonus item that offers tips and suggestions around the subject of the toolkit. Here is an example of a free handout / bonus product she offers clients and customers.


Here are a few tips for you to start incorporating your brand into your business:


  1. Make sure you have 2-major colors and one complimentary color as part of color palette for your brand.

    If you only have a logo – no worries…the colors in your logo represent your brand so create those colors around the logo and detail out the actual color numbers so you are consistent with your color at all times.
  2. Most brands use 1-2 fonts: the main font and the complimentary font. Know what they are and use them in your documents. I will at times introduce a third complimentary font if the main two are to artistic or hard to read when using smaller text.
  3. And always find a background that is a little subdued but still visible. When you look at the first example we gave…you see the nice soft design in the background, which gives the document a much classier look and feel.

    Add pops of your corresponding colors in different ways. We added a band at the bottom with one of complimentary colors, which gives our logo a little pop too!
  4. One word of caution: Don’t go crazy wild creating too many looks. Keep the look and feel consistent. You can make changes and tweak designs but for the most part stay focused on brand consistency.


If you are interested in learning more about giving your brand a personality make-over, give us a call. We love making our clients look amazing!