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We're Growing!

Elizabeth Fanslow

The COO Experience has a new home and I couldn't be more excited about it!

I was working out of a private office at CoCreativ Coworking space in Tampa and had been for about a year. It was a small office but it worked perfectly for me. I didn't have many local clients in the Tampa Bay area, most were out of state. So consultations happened over Google Hangouts or I traveled to no need for wasted office space.

Then over the summer I made some shifts in my business. New branding, new focus, and with it came new clients! But unlike before, I was started getting more Tampa clients...and they wanted to meet with person! So as my business grew so did the need for space.

In October I made the decision that I would bite the bullet and start looking at office space outside the coworking or executive office environment. I found a great space that fit both my need and my budget and we moved in on 11/01/2015! It needed a little TLC...but I had a great time getting it ready!

We now have a workspace for client strategy sessions as well as a cozy little sitting area for brainstorming sessions. 

They say the Universe gives you what you need when you are open to accepting it...and I am so blessed to have this amazing and creative work space to spend 2016 in! I am looking forward to creating some wonderful new things here!

We look forward to sharing our office with our clients and friends here in the Tampa Bay area! Thank you all for your continued support!