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I’m Too Busy!

Elizabeth Fanslow

“I’m too busy in meetings to be a leader…I spend most of my time in the trenches. Managing the people part of the process hasn’t been my highest priority.” 

During a leadership training workshop with a team of middle managers last week, Carol and I heard this statement among many others, about how workloads can overshadow the people part of leadership.

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Maybe You Shouldn’t Be Doing That…

Elizabeth Fanslow

Are you doing the right things in your business?

Last year, I went on site to work with a business owner. I knew before I even got there that this was going to be a big project. During our consultation call, I usually ask the question, ” What’s causing you the most pain right now?”

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I’m Really Not Happy…

Elizabeth Fanslow

I don’t normally turn my email off on my MAC when I am working at my desk. However, over the years, I have found that when I am working on a project, I can focus better and longer when I close all the programs and remove the distractions that pop up.

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Are You Prepared?

Elizabeth Fanslow

One of the topics that always comes up this time of year here in Florida?

Hurricane Season!

But if you watch the news you know that hurricanes are not the only type of weather that can cause destruction and if you own your own business you should know exactly what steps you need to take when preparing for weather…or how to get back on your feet when unexpected weather hits your area.

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