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The Fear Around Generating Content

Elizabeth Fanslow

Wow…that is how I would sum up last week. After spending an amazing few days in Blue Ridge, Georgia with my hubby and one of my dearest friends and then celebrating yet another amazing Valentine’s Day with this old soul I am married too…it has just been a ‘WOW’ of a week!

But what really threw it over the edge? All the responses I received from those of you on my email list, to the Valentine Content Challenge!

When I asked you what the hardest thing was about creating your content strategy and what you struggle with the most…I was floored by how many of you responded. Some of you told me about the most basic fears of sharing your content, and others got real and open. I was humbled by the fact that you felt comfortable enough to share so deeply with me.

I promised the first five of you one of my content journals…so, for the first five…your journals will be going out in the mail tomorrow morning. I also promised one of you a special gift if you opened up and shared with me the raw fear you have around creating content. One of you did just that, and I thank you. Your words summed up almost all the answers that everyone gave, and your clarity around that fear helped me get ‘really’ clear about my focus for my content strategy webinar this month.

So, what did I learn from all of you this week? Come join me over on my blog this week to talk about ‘The Fear Around Generating Content.’

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Is Your Social Media Real Estate Building Your Business?

Elizabeth Fanslow

Are you investing in your social media real estate? Without a focused strategy many business owners can loose out on the smallest areas of real estate that will make them money. 

This week we’re talking about how to use the real estate on your social media platforms to increase exposure of your products and services.

You won’t want to skip over this blog…you’d be surprised at how many people aren't taking advantage of these opportunities to grow their business.

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Creating Quality Autoresponders

Elizabeth Fanslow

I’ve been working on several projects this month where developing autoresponders were key to the marketing plan. Maybe you’re not as familiar with autoresponders as you would like to be, or need to be.

This week I wanted to share six ways that autoresponders can serve your business better and help you build better relationships with prospects.

And if you find that creating and building autoresponders is just not your thing…give me a call and learn how we can help you create the autoresponder series for your project or launch!

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Take The Jump!

Elizabeth Fanslow

Last week we offered our MailChimp Webinar, and I was thrilled to hear how helpful it was to those who joined us.

For those of us who have been publishing newsletters for quite some time, it doesn’t seem like a steep jump to put out our newsletters each week. But for some business owners who have yet to publish their first newsletter, it can be quite a daunting task. Maybe you have ventured out and sent a few newsletters but haven’t gotten consistent with sending them.

This week I am following up on some of the comments made after my webinar, because I think everyone can benefit from the information. Come on over to the blog this week, and learn my three most important tips!

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Revealing A Whole New Design

Elizabeth Fanslow

We finished up 2016 helping a business get a new look, and ‘WOW’ what a transformation this new website made for her brand and business! 

One thing I have learned is that your business changes all the time. Not only do you grow within your business, but the way you do business changes. You must be able to see when the change is needed, and more importantly, be able to adapt quickly to those changes.

She’s known as the ‘House Whisperer.’ What she can do with a space in your house will blow your mind. Erin is in Pennsylvania…she not only can re-design a room, but she can create a brand-new space or renovate an old space into something amazing.

Over the last few years, her work has expanded and so has her experience. Her old branding was adorable, and I loved it, but I felt that it didn’t elevate her business and her skill to the level it now deserved.  

Come join me this week as I walk you through Erin’s website project!

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