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My Business is Falling Apart!

Elizabeth Fanslow

I could tell when she called that something wasn’t right. She was my most upbeat friend. Always saying how great life is and how much she loved having her own business. We talk business some, but usually when we get together it is more to unwind, laugh, and forget about work.

This time I knew it was different…I could hear the frustration in her voice. I asked if everything was okay with her and the family…oh yes…all was good there.

I need to talk to you about a business issue, she said.

Sitting in the coffee shop that morning, I listened to my friend tell me that everything she had worked so hard to build was falling apart around her. As I held back my gasp and tried to regain my surprise, I leaned forward and grabbed her hand and said, ” Tell me what’s going on.”

You see…I’m the fixer. Everyone knows me as the fixer. If something is wrong, my friends, family and even work colleagues will call me for help, because they know that I will come up with a solution, a fix, a system, a process…something to make the problem disappear or at least feel less painful.

“If anyone can help me fix this mess…it’s you,” she said.

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We’re adding HR to our List of Services!

Elizabeth Fanslow

In the past, I have been focused on marketing for many of my clients: handling social media management, list growth, email management, and marketing strategy plans. However, over the last twelve months I have also been helping clients with business strategy and systems.

I have a vast amount of experience in business and marketing and have finally built a unique system that I use to help business owners grow and prosper. Using my proprietary 6-Core Business System, I work with clients who are past start up and in growth mode.

The 6-Core Business Systems include:

1.     Human Resource Systems

2.     Design Systems

3.     Marketing Systems

4.     Customer Systems

5.     Technical Systems

6.     Operational Systems

And effective 04/01/2017, I added Human Resource System to my menu. While I have managed Human Resource projects in the past, they were limited to Employee Handbooks and developing operational policies and procedures for the Human Resource Departments of small to medium size businesses.

However, I am excited to announce that I have joined forces with Carol Westberry, of The Westberry Group and As of 04/01/2017, I became the Managing Partner of both Human Resource entities.

Click over to the blog this week to learn more about the merger and what that means for my business and my clients!

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What A Disaster!

Elizabeth Fanslow

“You launched your new service last week…and when you called me…I could hear that frustration in your voice. Nothing had gone as planned. And while you should be happy that your new service was a big hit…you really just want to cry, because you don’t have any clue how you are going to manage all these new clients.”

Sound familiar? When we neglect to think about the systems of a new program or service in our business, the end results can turn out disastrous. It’s always great when our sales campaigns are successful, but neglecting the systems and processes before you sell can leave you feeling frustrated and your new customers less than satisfied.

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Using Your Brand, Message, and Design…

Elizabeth Fanslow

I saw your ad on Facebook, and I love the program youre selling. The graphics in your ad are amazing, and they caught my attention right away.  Then I started reading your post about the program youre offering, and I wanted to know moreso I clicked on your ad to see what its all about! You sent me to your home pagewith no information about your new programI think I’ll pass.”

You went to all the trouble to advertise on Facebook to sell your new program or service. You took a lot of time to create the graphics for your Facebook ad but didn’t feel it was necessary to create a landing page / splash page for your new program?

Or you created the page, but the branding is off and doesn’t match your ad. The graphics aren’t the same, and they don’t instill the same emotion as the ad.

What went wrong, and why did you lose my sale? Check out the blog post this week as we discuss how to align your marketing and website.

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I'm More Confused Than Ever!

Elizabeth Fanslow

“I’m visiting your website today! I’m interested in doing business with you. I met you at a networking event last week, and you gave me your business card. I need to reach out to you, because I need your services.

You told me what you do, and from what I heard, I think we need to work together. But before I call you, I’m going to do a little online research. I want to learn just a little bit more about you. I see your website address here on your card – let’s go have a quick look.

Oh…well okay.

The logo on your business card doesn’t quite match the logo on your website and neither do the colors. But, let’s not worry about that. Let me look at the content on the site. Hmmm…well, I thought you told me you could handle this type of service for me, but I don’t see that listed here in your services. As a matter of fact, your services aren’t really what I thought you said you did.

Maybe I misunderstood what you do, but I thought for sure you told me you could help me with my need. Now I’m really confused! Well, maybe I should find someone else.”

Has this ever happened to you? You connected, and you thought for sure that lead you made at the networking event was going to call you…but there was no call…

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