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Business & Marketing Strategy


Elizabeth Fanslow

Owner & Business & Marketing Strategist


Elizabeth is a strategist and her innate ability to create systems and processes in business have carried her through most of her business successes. 

As a former corporate c-suite chick, her super powers were based around business strategy development, online marketing and customer service. Through 30-years of experience she has gained leadership, a powerful attitude toward customer service as well as experience in operations, marketing and running the operational side of a business.

For many years Elizabeth couldn't quite commit to calling herself a marketer...she felt more in tune with running the operational side of a business, but when she resigned from Corporate America in 2011...things started to change.


"In my previous life in Corporate America as President of a servicing organization I started to get really intimate with marketing. Our clients were selling products online before many people felt comfortable entering a credit card number online! I was in charge of the Operations Center, which also managed the online marketing processes as well.

I learned a lot about online marketing and started to use social media as a way to share more information about products and services for our clients. At that time, business pages were just getting started and most of our clients said, 'why do we need to do that?' Social media became second nature to me...I think I was on Facebook before my kids were!

Over the years we have worked a mix of business & marketing services for our clients.

In 2016 we shifted to a full-sourced marketing firm. Today we work with clients to implement online marketing strategies for their businesses or personal brand. This shift helped us get really focused on our services and concentrate on teaching businesses how to market online - whether they are a brick and mortar or actual online business.

However, developing business strategies for new products and services is still one of my favorite areas to work with clients. We use our proprietary Brain Bend™ System to help business owners brainstorm and get creative in building new business ideas!" 

Need 30-Minutes with Elizabeth one-on-one?

Maybe you just need some time to brainstorm through a marketing idea or have a question about social media? Take advantage of this quick call to pick her brain and we guarantee you will walk away with more than you came with! 

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